My hat is coming along.  I’ve still got a little ways to go, and I still may be frogging it about halfway – not sure yet.  I’ll have to try it on and see how it “slouches”.  😉

By the way, those rocks are flint rocks from Greece.  I got them when we visited family there when I was a kid so I’ve had them about 40 years?!  That’s crazy.  Anyway, I think they’re so cool because they actually spark when you hit them together… like for starting a fire.  I’m sure there are rock experts out there who are saying “duh”, but for me that was a super cool thing to find out about them!  Plus, when I was a kid I just thought it was neat that they had a name like “The Flintstones”!!  Hahaha!!😁😜

I’m hoping to have this hat finally finished in another couple of days, so check back in for the free pattern.

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