When I first came up with the idea for this wrap, I planned to use it as a waist wrap only.  But once it was finished, I threw it over my shoulders, and I loved it!  It’s really so versatile.  The Jeans yarn by Lion Brand is very stretchy, so it works great when you’re tying it.  I pull a little of the top of the skirt into my knot along with the actual ties.  It’s great as a shawl because the ties keep it from being too bulky in the front.  I also wanted a vertical line with this pattern.  You’ll be crocheting each row from top to bottom and increasing around the width.  It makes it super easy to adjust the size – you can crochet as many or as few rows as you need to get the size you want.  This also gives it vertical lines which is what I was going for.  About 2/3’s of the way down you use bigger stitches.  This gives the wrap a little flounce at the bottom.  It’s a very simple pattern.  I hope you like it!  😊

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Yarn – Lion Brand Jeans Yarn in Top Stitch, 2 skeins and part of a third

Crochet hook size L

Stitch Marker


ch – chain 

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

dc – double crochet

tc – triple crochet

ss – slip stitch

st(s) – stitch, stitches


1. It’s extremely helpful to use a stitch marker with this pattern.  Place it in the first row you make at the point where you switch to the taller stitch.  Then when you turn and come back you’ll know where to start your shorter stitches.  Just move it up each row that you crochet.

2. Chain 2 doesn’t count as a stitch throughout.


Body of Skirt/Wrap

Ch 50 + 1

Row 1:  dc in 2nd ch from hook and the next 19 sts., place stitch marker in 19th st, hdc in next 30 sts. 50 sts total.  (This row starts at the bottom of the skirt/wrap and works towards the top.)

Row 2:  turn, ch 2, dc in first st and next 29 sts, tc in next st – move stitch marker up to this st, continue tc in next 19 sts.

Row 3:  turn, ch 2, dc in first st and next 19 sts, (continue moving stitch marker up in each row), hdc in next 30 sts. 

Row 4:  turn, ch 2, dc in first st and next 29 sts, tc in next 20 sts.

Rows 5 – 62:  Continue alternating rows 3 and 4.

Row 63:  Repeat row 3.  Don’t tie off.  Your waistband will start here.  (You can make the skirt as wide as you’d like. Just make sure you end your last row at the waist line, and be sure to end with the row 3 pattern – the dc, hdc row.)

Waistband and Tie

At the end of last row of your skirt, don’t tie off.  You’ll begin your waistband here by starting a new chain.  See photo below.

Ch 40 + 1.

Row 1:  sc in 2nd ch from hook and each st across the chain you just made.  Continue sc across the waistband of the skirt to create an edging.  When you get to the other end, ch 40 +1.

Row 2:  sc in 2nd ch from hook and each st across to the other end of the tie.

Row 3:  turn, ch 1, sc in first st and across to the other end of the tie.  Turn, ch 1, sc in first st, and back across tie just till you reach the body of the skirt to complete row 3.  See photo below. Tie off and weave in ends.