In these posts, you will find helpful links for beginner crocheters.  Annie’s Catalog has great tutorials and most have videos attached. I will add my own thoughts and comments where I think it will be helpful.

The last lessons showed how to work into your chain and how to single crochet. The next lesson shows you how to double crochet. I’ve provided some extra photos to help illustrate how to do this, but you will find detailed instructions along with a video on Annie’s.

Lesson 5: How to Double Crochet

Continue doing a double crochet in each chain across the row. The blue arrows in the photo below shows where you will place the first three stitches of your second row. This is my method which is different from the standard. I prefer it because it doesn’t leave a gap at the beginning of your rows.

Don’t forget to place a stitch marker in the first stitch of the second row to help you know where to place your last stitch when you come back around.

Continue doing a double crochet in each stitch along the row.