Have you guys tried the new Basic Stitch Anti Pilling yarn from Lion Brand? I haven’t tested it yet but it’s supposed to resist pilling – hence, the name. 😊 What a great idea for any project that will get a lot of wear and tear! Honestly, though, I’d love this yarn whether it pilled or not – the softness, the stitch definition, and the amazing colors have got me hooked!! 👍🏻😍 Ha! A little crochet joke there.😉 Finally getting back in crochet mode. Yay!! 👍🏻

You can see in the close-up below the decrease I used for this pattern. I’m using a half-double crochet stitch, and the typical “skip 2 sts” just looked sloppy to me. So I went with a HDC2TOG (half-double crochet two together) twice to create the decrease. I think it looks much better! What do you think? If you don’t know this stitch, I’ll explain in the instructions when I release the pattern. It’s super simple!