Hello, my friends!  Here are the details I promised you on the Chunky Knit Blanket Workshop at AR Workshops.  (I took my class in Cary, NC so this post is about that location.) First of all, it’s a great atmosphere.  The instructors are friendly, knowledgable and very helpful.  They circulate throughout the class helping whenever you need it.  There’s a nice sitting area at the front, motivational quotes on the walls, and the room is very well lit.  The one thing I would improve upon is the seating.  They have tall stools with no backs which I think are probably fine for the shorter classes, but the blanket workshop is 2 hours and 45 minutes; it would have been nice to be able to lean back from time to time.  

I love, love, love the yarn!!  It’s thick, soft, and comes in gorgeous colors.  And because it’s so thick, it works into a nice size throw with just 5 skeins which are included with the class. As far as the actual class, you are making a hand-knit blanket, not an arm-knit blanket.  I’ve never done either, and I don’t knit, but I found it very easy to learn.  My daughter, who doesn’t knit or crochet, took the class with me and she had no problem learning it either.  

You start out with a slip knot, and then just make loops and pull (or push) them through each other row after row.  Depending on if you’re pushing or pulling the loops, you will end up with either a knit or purl stitch.  You can see the distinct rows in our blankets which were created using both stitches.  I may not be explaining it well, but it really is super simple.

The one thing I’d recommend if you decide to take a class is to not waste any time once you start the blanket.  We needed every minute of that almost three hours to complete our throws.  

Overall, it was a very positive experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to take another class from them. 😊 My daughter and I both love our throws, and we now have a new skill that I’m excited to try with other yarns! Yay!!