This top is so versatile.  You can wear it with or without the straps, or you can tie it around your waist as a bathing suit coverup or just to add a little extra flair to your leggings.  The only sewing involved is attaching the buttons and I have a super easy way to do that.  It’s incredibly light so it’s perfect for hot summer days.  Plus, it works up very quickly – this one is a win all-around!

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Skill Level:  Easy+


Lion Brand Coboo in Silver – 3 skeins

Hook size L/11 – 8.00 mm

Hook size H/8 – 5.00 mm

Stitch markers 

3/4” buttons – 4


6 dc and 3 mixed dc and hdc rows = 2”


30” wide by 13” long


Ch – chain

Hdc – half double crochet

Dc – double crochet

Tc – treble crochet

St, sts – stitch, stitches


  1. Beginning chains don’t count as stitches.
  2. Stitch markers are essential if you don’t want to have to count in each row.  
  3. Each row is made up of 30 stitches – 10 shorter stitches and 20 taller stitches.  This creates the flounce in the top.  You place your stitch marker where you change from one stitch to the other, and then just move it up in each row as you go.
  4. The tie is crocheted right onto the body of the top. You will use the smaller hook for the tie.
  5. You will also use a stitch marker when you start the tie.  You need to mark the end of the body of the top so that you know where to stop on your last row of the tie.
  6. The straps are optional.  If you choose to make them, you will need 3/4” buttons in order for them to fit into the holes of the top.
  7. This pattern is very easy to adjust for size. If you want it longer or shorter, you can increase or decrease your starting chain – just be sure to make the tall stitches 2/3 of the chain and the short stitches 1/3 of the chain. To make it bigger around, keep adding rows till you get it where you want it. It’s easy to try it on as you go. Just be sure to use an odd number of rows so it matches in the front. 
  8. Note that you start with the larger hook for the body of the top and switch to the smaller hook once you get to the chain in Row 43. 


Chain 32 with hook size L/11 – 8.00 mm

Row 1:  Dc in second ch from hook and next 19 chains, place marker in the 19th st, hdc in next 10 chains. 30 sts. 

Row 2:  Turn, ch 2, dc in first st and next 9 sts (10 dc sts total), tc in next st, move marker up to this tc st, tc in next 19 sts (20 tc sts total).  30 sts.

Row 3:  Turn, ch 2, dc in first st and next 19 sts, move marker up, hdc in next 10 sts. 30 sts.

Row 4:  Turn, ch 2, dc in first st and next 9 sts, tc in next, move marker up, tc in next 19 sts. 30 sts.

Rows 5 – 42:  Repeat pattern.

Row 43:  Repeat pattern, place a stitch marker in your last stitch on this row.  Don’t turn.  Switch to hook size H/8 5.00 mm.  Chain 42.

Row 44:  Turn, hdc in third ch from hook and across chain for 40 sts.  When you get to your marker at the body of the top, turn the top and work 1 hdc in each st along the side.  (These are your dc sts and this will now become the top band and ties of the top. You should end up with 86 sts across the body of the top since you are working a stitch into each of 43 rows of dc.) When you get to the end of the body of the top, chain 42.

Row 45:  Turn, hdc in third ch from hook and across chain for 40 sts.  Continue hdc across body of top and move the stitch marker up before continuing hdc across the tie at the other end.  

Row 46:  Turn, ch 2, hdc in first st and across row moving stitch marker on body up as you go.

Row 47:  Turn, ch 2, hdc in first st and across tie and body of top stopping at your stitch marker.  Bind off here.  Do not continue across tie on other side.

Straps – make two

Chain 42 with H/8 5.00 mm

Row 1:  Hdc in third ch from hook and across chain. 40 sts.

Rows 2 – 3:  Turn, ch 2, hdc in first st and across row.  Bind off.  


Sew a button to each end of each strap.  You will push the buttons through the holes in the top band of the top. You can place them wherever you like.  I placed mine about 4” in from the center edge in the front, and about 7 1/2” in from the sides in the back.

I have a super easy way to sew the buttons on. Obviously, this only works with certain yarn sizes and certain buttons, but when it works, it’s great! Follow the instructions below:

Thread the full thickness of yarn through your needle.

Pull the yarn through the strap…

…and then through the button.

Take your yarn back down through the button and the strap.

Flip the strap over…

…and tie the ends together in a knot!! Easy, peasy!! 😊