Posts tagged with: easy women’s fashion

Town & Country Tunic Vest

This ended up being one of my favorite pieces, but it didn’t start out that way.  I had a vision in mind, but until it all came together, I wasn’t...

Smoke & Pearls Triangle Shawl

The granny stitch is one of my all-time favorites.  It’s amazing to me how it can look so elegant.  I wanted a simple shawl in neutral colors when I started...

Chocolate Covered Cherries Wrap

This wrap is scrumptious!  The delicious blend of chocolate and cherry colored yarns along with the squishy, soft texture created by the up and down stitch combine to create a...

New wrap and a little inspiration

I say this almost every time, but I think this new wrap may be my most favorite thing ever!  I wasn’t sure about the color combination at first, but once...

Autumn Leaves Scarf

Oh, these colors!!  I just love them.  I wanted to find the best way to highlight them together, and the single crochet stitch did the trick.  This is a very...

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