Posts tagged with: women’s fashion

“Blue Jean Baby” Poncho

Oh, this poncho!!  I just love it!!  The colors are gorgeous and the drape is fabulous!! It’s perfect with jeans and boots on those days when you need a little...

Guinevere Cape

This Bernat Blanket Yarn was so soft and yummy that I wasn’t satisfied with just making a blanket – I wanted something I could wear.  And so this cape was...

A blanket you can wear!

Have you ever wanted to wear that super soft and squishy Bernat Blanket Yarn?  Now you can! This cape is so cozy!! Things have gotten really busy here lately so...

Cocoa Casual Vest

The Cocoa Casual Vest is the perfect extra layer of warmth for kicking through fallen leaves on a cool autumn day. Then it will easily transition to some girlfriend time...

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