I made this poncho top with Lion Brand Jeans yarn which is one of my very favorite yarns, and I used a granny stitch so it’s really beginner-friendly.  It’s so soft and has a beautiful drape.  I decided to sew the side seams together to give it a little more warmth for cooler weather, which is why I called it a “Poncho Top” and not just a poncho.  You can leave the sides open if you like.  Either way, it’s a beautiful piece that’s incredibly comfortable and versatile.

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The photo below is the back view.


Lion Brand Jeans Yarn in Corduroy – 4 skeins

Lion Brand Jeans Yarn in Vintage – 2 skeins

Hook size I  – 5.5 mm


Ch – chain

Dc – double crochet 

Sp – space

St, sts – stitch, stitches


1.  You will be making two rectangles that you will then sew together.  Each rectangular panel is about 42” long without the fringe, and about 11” wide.

2.  Laid flat, both panels together measure about 42” long (without the fringe) and about 22” wide.  The fringe adds about 12” total so the length with the fringe is about 54”.  You can make it longer if you like.  Just be sure that your beginning chain is a multiple of 4, then add 2 more chains.  As far as the width, you can keep making more rows till you get it to the width you want, but the stripe pattern I used will obviously change – plus, you’ll need more yarn.



Make 2.

With Corduroy, ch 140 plus 2.

Row 1:  Hdc in 2 ch from hook and across row.  141 sts.

Row 2:  Turn, ch 3, dc in next st, ch 1, *skip 3 sts, 3 dc in next st, ch 1*.  Repeat from * to * across row.  2 dc in last st.

Row 3:  With Vintage, turn, ch 4, *3 dc in next ch 1 sp, ch 1*.  Repeat from * to * across row.  1 dc in space between the last 2 dc cluster. 

Row 4:  With Corduroy, turn, ch 3, dc in first st, ch 1, *3 dc in next ch 1 sp, ch 1*.  Repeat from * to * across row.  2 dc in last space. 

Rows 5 – 10:  With Corduroy, repeat pattern from rows 3 and 4.

Rows 11 – 17:  With Vintage, repeat pattern.

Rows 18 – 20:  With Corduroy, repeat pattern.

Row 21:  With Vintage, repeat pattern from row 3.

Row 22:  With Corduroy, repeat pattern from row 4.   

For the fringe:

Cut 120 strands of each color (240 strands total) at about 16” long.  You will need 120 for the front and 120 for the back if you want it to look like mine.  The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to wrap my yarn around a book, and then cut one end.  See photo below.  Then fold each strand in half, pull the loop through the space where you want it, and then pull the two loose ends through the loop. Tighten.  You can space the fringe however you like.  After it’s attached, the fringe is about 6” – 7” long.   


Lay the panels out side by side.  Keeping the holes lined up, use a whip stitch to sew up the front panel about 8”. 

Then sew up the back panel about 11”. 

If you want to sew up the sides, fold the poncho in half, and sew up the sides about 8”.